Hitachi Atom Square Smallest Air Conditioner

Atom Square
Imagine yourself getting all set to watch that much-anticipated cricket match. And realizing that your TV set is in the hot – as hell living room while your AC is perched on one of your bedroom walls. Don’t you wish you could have an AC in the bedroom yet enjoy its cooling in the living room? Just like you do with your music system; with main system in one room, but speakers all over to enjoy music, where ever you are. You probably need an Atom Square. It is an innovative split air-conditioner that comes with an additional indoor unit. So you can add one to any of your rooms when you feel the need. Don’t worry about watching the match in sweltering heat. Because you have better things to do.
If you have a cooling need for two rooms, then Aton+ One is what you need. At first glance, it is just like any other split AC with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. But the beauty is, that it has an additional indoor unit. So you can place one in your bedroom and place the other in the living room. The two indoor units can work individually as well as simultaneously. Such a practical cooling solution that you just can’t help make it a part of your lifestyle.
Don’t compromise on your health. Atom Square comes with UV Fresh Technology and Koukin Filter. UV Fresh is a unique filter with really powerful germicidal effect that destroys all microhes in your environment. Koukin Filter is an anti-bacterial filter that prevents bacterial growth. What’s more, it comes with a filter clean indicator that tells you when to clean the filter thus giving clean and healthy environment always.
The Atom Square comes with an additional indoor unit which can be added as and when you need it. So you can start with one indoor unit to cool your bedroom and buy the additional one for the living room when you actually need it. A prudent choice for prudent couples like you.
Leave aside the worry of space with Atom Square. It gives you the convenience of two split ACs but attached only to a single outdoor unit. So instead of blocking your balcony or pavement with bulky units, you give yourself the much needed space.
Don’t wprry about your AC sticking out like a sore thumb. Atom Square is powered with Lambda Technology. Its special coil design reduces the size of the AC by over 30% and also increases the efficiency of the AC for high cooling. So now your AC blends unobtrusively with your interior decor. Unlike other ACs with grooves, its flat panel is not an eye sore.
HITACHI ACs provide uninterrupted comfort in different seasons, time and cities. Programmed for over 100 cities in India, each AC comes with intelligent control that automatically adjusts comfort settings with changing seasons and time.
An uncomfortable sleep could also be the result of your AC. ‘Kaimin’, an intelligent feature, ensures you get sound sleep every night and wake up feeling fresh every morning. ‘Kaimin’ adjusts the temperature automatically through the night to suit your body needs. Also, its operation ensures you save up to 45% power.
Customized cooling to suit your every need! For different times of the day, you can choose from 3 programmable personal comfort modes.
The tough compressor works harder under extreme climatic conditions. The new HITACHI ACs with high capacity compressors give you the promised cooling even after derating.
Each AC comes to you after 32 reliability tests. The world’s most stringent Japanese Tochigi standards ensure you get a world-class product.
It helps program the AC to switch on or off in real time to enable convenience in operation.
Now in your absence if you don’t want your AC to be used, just switch to the lock. The digilock locks your AC to prevent misuse when you are away. Also when not in use, it shuts off the display ensuring a longer battery life.
The new +One Technology is designed to give you an EER of over 10, thus giving you promised cooling while being light on your pockets